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Common Pump Organ Problems

Description of Fault Cause
Pedal(s) dropped down Webbing strap or a broken return spring
Pumping has little or no effect Non return valves rotted or bellows split
Bellows soon runs out of air if you stop pumping Holes in bellows, or severe woodworm in the instrument.
The stops don't seem to do anything* Broken springs on the reed 'mute bars' which would normally shut stops off when pushed in.
Weak tone (lack of pressure/ vacuum) Faulty or broken bellows springs
Key stays down (note sounds continuously) Key has been struck too hard, so pallet valve is now stuck open.
Certain notes are silent, or sound unusual Typically dirt stuck in reeds, or a bent reed tongue due to fatigued metal.
*Some stops are not intended to produce a sound. For example:
  • Stops marked 'Forte' will open a flap in front of the reeds to make the tone louder
  • 'Vox Humana' activates a cardboard fan which wavers the tone of certain reeds
  • 'Expression' stop found on Harmoniums bypasses the reservoir so that the tone and volume can be varied by careful foot pedaling.


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